Peacock Bass

Mark the Peacock Bass off of your list right now. You are almost holding one now. This is the first step to catching a peacock. Learn everything that you need to know on the trip of a lifetime. Anglers can use spin or often they use Fly Rods in the end the many peacocks will caught. Head out to ease through the everglades casting flies and light tackle for the beautiful peacock bass. This is not the big city peacock fishing that you see everywhere else. These peacocks are fished in what we refer to as South Florida’s Amazon. This is the most beautiful peacock fishing in the state. It is probably the best peacock fishing in the state. With specialized boats and tactics I can insure that your peacock fishing adventure will be the best it can be. You will have the fishing trip of a lifetime.

In 1984, the state of Florida introduced butterfly peacock bass into the vast canal systems of South Florida Everglades subsequently the population exploded. They were released in the hopes they would control tilapia and other invasive species of exotic fish.  The exotics were taking over the area’s fresh waters. It was later determined that the beautiful South American brute would provide additional sport fishing opportunities for anglers.

Although the peacock bass failed at the first mission of controlling the other species they’ve been highly successful as a targeted sport fish. Peacock bass provide the most exciting fly and light tackle fishing opportunities in the country therefore this fish is on the bucket list of many anglers. Large mouth bass are also common in the same canals as the Amazon green monster therefore anglers often catch both fish in the minutes apart.

The Fishing Trip Of A Lifetime

I have spent my whole life targeting these gorgeous green Peacock Bass game fish.  The best locations to target the peacock and the other fish of the canal system is something that has taken me years to perfect. On many days, it’s possible to catch 100 or more hard fighting peacocks. Most anglers describe the experience as if they traveled to a different country. This is adventure fishing therefore you should be ready for a great day.  Rest assured that this will be an angling experience you will never forget.

Peacock Bass