Fly Fishing Charlotte Harbor

Fly Fishing Charlotte Harbor

Fly Fishing Charlotte Harbor is one of the best kept secrets in Florida therefore is should be on your list. The waters are shallow and pristine. Perfect for stalking redfish, tarpon, and snook.  There are many other species that can be caught on fly but most anglers want the trophy fish. Using a technical poling skiff is the preferred method however a kayak or paddle board will work just fine.  Anglers will find that when they begin fly fishing Charlotte Harbor they should use a Charter Captain or Fly Fishing Guide.Fly Fishing Charlotte Harbor Josh Greer



Using Area Resources Such As Local Fly Shop in Charlotte Harbor

Stopping by your local Fly Fishing Tackle Shop West Wall Outfitters is a great place to start therefore allowing you to gain some local knowledge.  There are certain flies that work better than other certain times of the year.  Using a Fly Fishing Guide will take most of the guess work of Fly Fishing Charlotte Harbor.   A Fly Fishing Guide is just that a guide.  Whether you are a novice or a seasoned angler the guide can always decrease the learning curve in Charlotte Harbor.  Call me now and lets book your next fly fishing trip to make things easy.  Call 863-781-1373



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