World Class Fly Fishing in Charlotte Harbor

Fly fishing Charlotte Harbor is best done with a real fly fishing guide.    Captain Greer is a dedicated fly fishing guide for the Charlotte Harbor area. Capt. Greer specializes in fly fishing .   Captain Josh Greer is a well renowned Fly Fishing Guide who owns the largest  fly fishing outfitter in Charlotte Harbor. This has resulted in Captain Greer becoming and expert in the fishery. Just another advantage of hiring Captain Greer.   Capt. Greer operates  from a 17  Foot Dragonfly Grand Slam  Poling  Skiff  therefore allowing him to  guide you  from the  platform.  If you are looking for a nice day alone on the bow or sharing bow time with a fishing buddy, then XXLOutdoors has you covered.   Experience Charlotte Harbor’s shallow clear flats first hand and  sight fish for reds, snook, trout and  tarpon as Captain Greer quietly pushes you along helping you spot fish.  Break away from the same old thing because you owe it yourself!

Find yourself some bow time and  make plans with  Capt. Greer today.  

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All epuipment is provided or if you prefer, bring your own.  XXLOutdoors does offer spin and light tackle charter fishing as well as Fly Fishing.